What is the ´Good´ in Goodbye ?




"Wenn sie mich suchen, ich halte mich in der Naehe des Wahnsinns auf, genauer gesagt auf der schmalen Linie zwischen Wahnsinn und Panik, gleich um die Ecke von
T o d e s a n g s t
nicht weit weg von Irrwitz und Idiotie!"

[Bernd das Brot]


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I am one,
Who am I?
No character to be lost inside


It's all the same to me

Lost all faith in promises and deadlines closing in
tired of deciphering the wayward strands of truth

I don't care
'Cause I can't feel
I don't know anymore

What's in a true life?
Behind the crumbling walls
Of dream and infant illusion
Action without movement
Desire without heart
It is over and done
It is over and done
To crave for touchless objects
And fathom without eyes
The fall of all things personal
That no one sees

 Dreamt up a new word today
I dreamt the world would end
It's all your faith has shown
And all you'll ever know
Why do you matter, you're insignificant
How can you justify your lesser faith?


I'm blind at heart
So blind at heart


The thing that scares me the most
Is the fear I see in others

I let my dreams cross over
To days of endless gray



Es war der Wahnsinn.

11.11.08 21:30

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